Ben was born with spina bifida and hydrocephalus hence why he is in a wheelchair.

His passion is the skatepark after seeing Videos of Aaron “Wheelz” Fotheringham on YouTube and when our local skatepark opened in 2017 he started going down there to socialise with his friends and ride the ramps in his every day wheelchair until the screws kept coming loose!

In September 2018 he received his bespoke chair which enabled him to progress, and with the help of now Women’s World Champion Lily Rice take up the sport of WCMX more seriously, to the extent that he entered the World Championship in Cologne, Germany at the end of August 2019, his first proper competition.

He did really well and finished in 4th place in the kids division. He got to hang out with his idols and meet loads of new friends from all over the world.

Since then he has been visiting different skateparks around the country to try and improve as he really wanted to compete again in this years World Championships which were to be held in Fontana, California but due to Covid it became an online event.

The WCMX Digital World Championships 2020, where athletes from all over the world submitted a run or edit from their local/chosen skatepark.

Due to Ben’s condition he struggles with learning things, so although we planned a run that he would follow, he had to complete it over and over as he kept forgetting to do tricks where he wanted to, as judges score on use of the park, trick selection and difficulty.

We submitted what he thought was his best and we all waited for the event which was streamed live on YouTube to see what everyone else had done.

After we had a long 24 hour wait for the results which were posted on the World WCMX Facebook page, obviously when that notification dinged on the phone and we saw the results we were all ecstatic.

For Ben it means the world to be able to call himself a World Champion and although he loves what he does, it makes it all worthwhile.

Ben doesn’t see his disability at all, he just see’s everything as an opportunity, not impossible but I’m-possible.